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Technogeek Computer Repairs Kallangur providing you with the Cheapest Workshop Services & Onsite Services in Brisbane over the last ten years with 95% of our workshop services $125 or under.

for all your pc services North Lakes servicing all systems.
Fully qualified to offer you all the Hardware Repair Services and both Workshop and Remote Software Support that you will ever require.
Eftpos over phone or in-house at our Petrie Workshop.
We provide you with sales of all Business Laptops and Custom Built Computers priced around any store bought system yet easily better quality and performance. We can repair or fix any desktop pc you own that will need a service at our fully professional workshop with limited laptop repairs. We do not service iPads, iPods or any Apple Computers nor do we do laptop mainboard work due to costs. We can replace LCD screens, do any software work, replace damaged cases, ram, hdd's and sell you any accessories.
We specialise in all versions of windows and all brand computers and have spent many years repairing windows issues, viruses, hardware failures and data recovery plus much more.

Onsite Services & Prices Workshop Services & Prices

We list all of our workshop services and prices. No having to contact someone to find it out. Prices upfront and fixed. No hourly charges.

PC Services North Lakes Fixed Fee Pricing

Kallangur Fixed Fee Services

We charge a fixed fee for all of our workshop services. We also have 95% of our services under $145 regardless of the time required to complete the service. You will not find anyone else as professional and cheap.

PC Services Job Bookings by Computer Repairs Kallangur making it fast and easy.

Booking a Job

We are based at 1438 Anzac Ave Kallangur with Reception, Office and Workshop. We use the entire left side of the building. Our online pre booking service makes it easy for you. Using this you can just drop off your service.

PC Services North Lakes Hours and Contact

Workshop Hours and Contact

We are open for walk ins from 9am to 5pm weekdays. Onsite 5:30pm to 9pm Weekdays.
Our phone service will take messages if we are busy or not available. We are not available weekends or public holidays.

Friendly Furs Pet Care Services

PC Protection Services

Our self branded pc protection is second to none. It is a fully monitored and managed service priced at only $15 per month. We get a report every 120 minutes of every pc we manage. We run updates, scans and clearing quarantine.

Workshop Onsite & Remote

For all your repair services, sales and remote support

We are an Onsite & Workshop Services Repair Company. We specialise in workshop hardware repairs and remote software services thus allowing us to offer you a better quality service for cheaper with our full professional workshop and testing facilities. Our remote services are even cheaper than our workshop. We offer FIXED $145* Onsite Services.(excludes windows and data services).
*Home & Home Based Business Only. Business Premises are charged at $99 per hour.
We will give you a fixed price on contact to either fix or look at your pc with no surprise charges. Our workshop carries more testing equipment and repair tools than any shop or onsite repairer.
95% of our workshop services priced at $125 or lower. Some workshop services priced at only $45 to $65, all regardless of timeframe to complete.
We provide full professional and insured services to you Onsite, Workshop and Remote.

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  • 1438 Anzac Ave, Kallangur, 4503

  • Ask about our EASY PAY Services. We are the ONLY tech company that offers you 3-6 months to pay off your labour services interest free.

  • CLICK TO CALL: 3482 2915 Our menu system is easy to navigate and will direct you to the correct department when you call us. Leave a message if we are not in and we will reply asap or next business day.

  • Use our pre booking option button below for us to have all paperwork completed before your onsite/workshop/remote service.
    For dropoffs you can leave with us and go straight away.

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